Sven-Olof Ohlsson aus Finnland mit kleinen Zellen

bekannte und weniger bekannte Imker, die wie wir mit kleinen Zellen arbeiten
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Sven-Olof Ohlsson aus Finnland mit kleinen Zellen


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Sven-Olof Ohlsson hat seit Jahren seine über 100 Völker auf kleinen Zellen und behandlungsfrei.
2 Videos wie sich seine Bienen erfolgreich gegen die Varroen wehren, indem sie sie abschütteln und direkt angreifen:
sehr interessant was Sven-Olof hier schreibt:
I just name a few that work with Elgon bees today. Pauli Nevala who won gold medal in javelin-throwing in the Olympic games in Japan 1964 is one. Pauli has mentioned to me that his Elgon colonies smelled strongly like of cat pee last autumn. That smell I could sense myself several years ago now when I had Buckfast colonies with a lot of mites in my apiaries. Also others have mentioned they have smelled similar kind of smells from Elgon colonies, especially in autumns. Some of them even called the bee inspector to have the bees checked for American foulbrood, which it wasn’t. Of course it’s difficult to know if this smell have anything to do with the bees fighting the mite, but it seems anyway the bees might smell like this when they are fighting a mite population that is a little bigger than just small.

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