Imkerkonferenz über behandlungsfreie Bienenhaltung

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Imkerkonferenz über behandlungsfreie Bienenhaltung


Beitrag von bee »

Treatment-free Beekeeping Conference
Oracle, Arizona, February 26 – 28, 2016
Who should come?

Commercial beekeepers, backyard beekeepers, and urban beekeepers who use a treatment-free approach organized around small-cell or natural-cell-sized bees. People interested in small-cell, treatment-free beekeeping who don’t (yet!) have bees are welcome as well.

“Treatment-free” is defined here as involving:
  • no chemicals added to hives, including antibiotics, essential oils, or pesticides (even ones marketed as “natural” or consisting of compounds derived from plants)
  • no artificial feeds such as sugar or high-fructose corn syrup

Beyond these central practices, beekeepers in this community use a variety of hive types and management activities to keep healthy colonies, the diversity of which makes for lively and informative discussions at the conference (and in the Yahoo discussion group).

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